2023 Boulton and Watt Lecture: What is the Right Technology to deliver Net Zero – University of Birmingham – 15th March 2023

This lecture was delivered after much anticipation, by Prof. Martin Freer. Professor Freer has many appointments and is based at the University of Birmingham (UoB).

He is a Nuclear Physicist by training and one of his main appointments is now as Director of the Midlands-based Energy Research Accelerator (ERA). He gave a very well received presentation about various methods of non-fossil fuel energy production, without focussing on any specific one, even though Nuclear Physics is a favourite subject of his. He was not attempting to promote any particular method of energy production and took a broad approach to the impending problems of Climate Change, which is the reason why such presentations and discussions are necessary. The meeting was well attended by a broad spectrum of interested people from the University of Birmingham and further afield. A significant number of questions and discussions followed. After due thanks were given by the Chair, a dinner was held when various academic members of the University of Birmingham, The Chair, the Vice Chair and Spouses and Dr Jo Horton, Director, attended. The discussions on the above matter continued for a short while into the dinner, the conversation then becoming more varied, ranging from Nuclear Physics to the quality of food and the expense of daily living.