Birmingham Pakistani Report – 20th June 2023

The Chair was honoured to have been invited to the important event of the Launch of this report that is the first one of its kind as a ‘current state’ document regarding the overall experience of the Pakistani population, which constitutes the largest ethnic minority population (about 17% – nearly 200,000) in Birmingham.

This event was held in the beautiful auspicious surroundings of the Council Chamber at Birmingham Council House. This report was a broad-based account with a significant base highlighted by important statistical analysis, and was the brainchild of Atif Ali (AA),
Lead for the Equity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Party at The Lunar Society. It was received with great acclaim. Tina Swani (TS) was also present, and the audience constituted of various ethnicities.

Amongst other speakers, including the (new) Lord Mayor, Councillor John Cotton, (recently elected) Leader of Birmingham City Council, the Chair was invited to represent The Lunar Society and address the collected audience of about 100 participants. In the Chair’s opinion, he believes that this report breaks new ground and is a basis for serious discussion between members of the Pakistani community itself as well as with other agencies and organisations outside that. This would include Birmingham City Council, Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care Service, Social Services, Charities, other stakeholders, and other organisations where Pakistani Heritage is important.