Garden Party at Winterborne House & Gardens

Lunar Society members and guests joined together at one of Birmingham’s most idyllic locations during May for a fantastic Lunar Society Garden Party.

The staff at Winterbourne were kind enough to open their doors to the Society after opening hours, and guests had the opportunity to roam around both the house and gardens to take in some of the fascinating history and beautiful plant life.

There was also a chance for networking on the terrace, as well as some delicious food and drinks – fortunately while the weather remained pleasant throughout.

The highlight of the evening was an insightful talk from Lee Hale, Director of Winterbourne House & Gardens.

Lee began with a brief history of the house, from its original use as the family home of John and Margaret Nettlefold and their children, to its role today as a place of education, wellbeing, and enjoyment for almost 100,000 visitors annually.

The focus of the talk was how the team at Winterbourne have implemented new sustainable practices to meet today’s environmental challenges. Edwardian gardens were not built with sustainability in mind, and guests heard about the huge amount of work that’s being done to change that.

Topics ranged from using peat free compost to dealing with troublesome badgers looking for a late-night feast!

Everyone had a great time and the round of applause that greeted Lee’s presentation was very much deserved. Thank you to the team for such an enlightening evening.

We’d urge anyone who’s looking for a soothing experience in a scenic spot to try Winterborne House & Gardens – it’s well worth a visit!