Sir Adrian Cadbury Lecture – Beyond ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Tuesday 4 October 2022

On 4 October 2022, The Lunar Society held the Sir Adrian Cadbury Lecture on the topic ‘Beyond ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)’. It was an informative evening, where we had a inspiring keynote address from His Excellency (H.E) Dr Clyde Rivers. H.E Dr Rivers spoke on the importance of diversity in organisations and the meaningful powerful change this can achieve. Diversity in its broadest sense, diversity of thought and diverse people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

After a warm welcome from our Chair Dr Peter Borg-Bartolo and the incoming Vice Chancellor and CEO of Aston University Professor Aleks Subic, Dr Karl George (Head of Governance at RSM) shared an insightful video discussion which featured Simon Osborne (The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland) and Prof Dr Alexander Van de Putte (Chairman of Corporate Governance & Stewardship at Astana International Financial Centre), which introduced the proposition of SRI – Sustainability, Resilience and Inclusion, as the only practical framework to drive good governance. Allowing organisations to have an internal focus whist keeping a focus on external setting. All whilst delivering strategic objectives and working for all stakeholders.

This set the tone for the fabulous panel discussion, in which panel members really understood the need for SRI. The panel was chaired by Deirdre LaBassiere with panel members including Inez Brown (Institute of Directors West Midlands Regional Chair), Tom Proverbs- (Associate Director at RSM – ESG), Simon Osborne and H.E. Dr Rivers. The questions by the audience varied but the golden thread was how we truly embed SRI into organisations.

At the end of the panel discussion our very own Deirdre was awarded the Civility Icon Award as a Pioneer of the Year from iChange Nations through HRH Sir Dr Clyde Rivers in recognition of her governance, women’s activism and charity work in raising values, culture and ideologies as an inspirational role model to a rising generation and as a role model who is making a global difference. As the first black woman to chair the Lunar Society, Deirdre commented that; “it was poignant to receive this during Black History Month.”

We would like to thank the Cadbury family, RSM, the Council for Black Majority Churches (CBMC) and Aston University for the incredible support to the Lunar Society.

Write up by Atif Ali BEM FLTS