Arts in Society Event: The Queen Elizabeth II’ Platinum Jubilee Sari Project – via Zoom – 26th April 2023

Anne Marie Howat of the Arts University, Bournemouth, presented in the topic of arts in society and issues of integrity and cultural appropriation. She and student designers worked with the British Asian Charity, Nutkhut, and designer Paul Costelloe to create the Indian wedding saris, banners and puppet costumes featured in the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee People’s pageant.

Again, this was a very pleasant and eclectic presentation that also involved some of the student designers themselves, making the subject matter even more relevant to today’s society. Anne Marie had been highly praised by the Director, Jo(anne) Horton PhD, because of their previous academic involvement. The event did not disappoint and gave all those who attended a rare glimpse into how such projects are born and brought to life through careful research, planning, experimentation and implementation.