The Sir Adrian Cadbury Lecture – October 2021

The membership and Executive Committee of the Lunar Society wish to convey their sincere gratitude to Professor Alexander Van de Putte for giving such an illuminating, engaging and relevant lecture for out times and for the future, on the 27th October.  As one participant commented the lecture struck a happy medium between being pragmatic and relevant but yet deeply thoughtful and academic.  Indeed, another participant, who was online, advised that he was going to start utilising the Characteristics of Governance 4.0 in their practice with boards. 

Dr Karl George – thank you for updating us on the outcomes of the Race Equality Code 2020.  It is heartening to hear that organisations are taking it up and using it to inform their accountability framework in regard to EDI.  We were particularly excited to see how you are progressing the Code to support ESG reporting and capabilities.

To Benedict Cadbury, our sincere thanks to you, Sir Dominic Cadbury and the George Cadbury Trust.  Your support is invaluable.

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening.  Thank you very much, Professor Alec Cameron, for hosting us both for the substantive event and then for a sumptuous dinner in the Vice-Chancellor’s dining room at Aston University.  It was great company, great laughter and great discussion”.

Deirdre LaBassiere.

Links to the article already uploaded  (RACE Code Lunar & Is Corporate Governance 4.0 Emerging?)